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Located at the edge of the Dolomites, Aldein is the ideal place for activity vacation. Nature, sports, culture and fine food can be experienced here. We provide you with inspiration for your vacation activities and offer useful links for the planning.

Experience nature

World Heritage –natural site Geoparc Bletterbach: The Bletterbach is an impressive canyon, adventure park, learning center and natural monument all in one. Geological treasures and diverse landscapes open an extraordinary perspective on the development of Earth and mankind. Starting from Aldein, Radein or even Auer, the Bletterbach canyon can be hiked through all the way up to the Whitehorn (Weisshorn). The visitor center (Exhibition and Tours) is open between May and October.

Our local mountains: The Whitehorn (Weisshorn) and the Blackhorn (Schwarzhorn): The Whitehorn (2.317m) and the Blackhorn (2439 ) are separated by the Grimm ridge and characterize the hinterlands of Aldein. The names of the two mountains are derived from their dark and light effect at a distance respectively. Due to their monolithic shapes their summits offer extraordinary panoramic views. The many pastures and hiking paths are ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

Lake Göller (Göllersee): The lake is accessible via largely flat forest paths and is located in the midst of the extensive forests of the Regglberg. It takes about 1 hour to hike from Aldein to the lake through mixed woodland along mostly flat forest trails. The lake has a longish shape, is surrounded by trees and during the hot summer months is ideal for a swim.

Rosegarden (Rosengarten), Latemar und Karerpass: This is where the legend of king Laurin originates from. The sunset glow lets the mountain range appear in a rose-like color… an unforgettable sight. The area in the south-east of the Dolomites (Unesco World Heritage) covers over 250 km² from the Tierser valley and the Gummerer mountain all the way to Lake Karer and Eggental. The Schlern, famous landmark mountain of South Tyrol, forms the northern border of the area. This area can be reached from Aldein in about 30 minutes and greatly enriches our region.

Experience summer sports

Hiking and mountaineering: The Bletterbach canyon and the White- and Blackhorn as well as Latemar, Karerpass and Rosegarden… the vast mountainous region offers a multitude of hiking and mountaineering tours. To plan your individual tour we highly recommend the following link:

Climbing: Everything from alpine rock climbing in the Redface (Rotwand) and via ferratas to climbing crags is available for you. The climbing crag “untere Mühle” in Truden can be reached in 10 minutes. To plan your climbing tour use the following link:

Golf: In 5 minutes you can reach the 18-hole golf course in Petersberg. Located in the midst of forests, the vast area is every golfer’s dream. Information on the course as well as costs can be found here:

Swimming: The „Göllersee“ is directly on site and ideal for a swim surrounded by beautiful nature. Friends of nature may also find the “Montiggler Seen” with their combination of hiking and swimming appealing as well as the “Kalterer See” that offers all the infrastructure of a modern swimming pool. In addition, open-air swimming pools in Auer, Neumarkt and Tramin are available for those looking to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Mountain biking: Many different forest trails allow for long or short, easy or more demanding tours. The following links can be helpful for planning your bike tours:,, In Aldein it is possible to rent E-Bikes. For more information ask us or the local tourist association. In addition, mountain bikes can be rented in Deutschnofen, they can even be delivered to you and guided tours are offered as well. Check out

Horse-riding: The „Bichlhof“ offers horse-riding for kids and adults (telephone number 0039 0471 886 788). The riding stable „Angerlealm“ in Deutschnofen might also be of interest:

Experience winter sports

Skiing: In a 20 km radius several small and larger skiing areas are available in the fantastic landscapes of the Dolomites: Obereggen skicenter Latemar, Cavalese Alpe Cermis, skiing area Jochgrimm, skiing area Karerpass

Cross-country skiing: The mountain pastures of Aldein offer a total of 40 km of tracks for cross-country skiing for both skating and classic styles.

Snowshoeing and ski tours: In the immediate surroundings hikes in the snow are possible on groomed paths for a safe experience or with snow shoes. The vast mountainous region surrounding Aldein offers a variety of amazing ski tours. When hiking and mountaineering in winter please do consider the avalanche warning levels: for South Tyrol and for Trentino.

Experience culture

The village Aldein: Aldein is one of the oldest settlements in the mountain range called the „Regglberg“ and is located at 1225m above sea level. The surrounding landscape is characterized primarily by the „twins“, namely the White- and Blackhorn. The first settlers presumably arrived in Aldein during the immigration of the Baiovarii. Important sights: The parish churches “Hl. Jakob” and „Hl. Helena“ (1309 and 1338), the village museum, the birth house of cardinal Franzelin, the ruins named “Leiterburg” at the “Leiterweg”, the “Burgstallegg” as a place of prehistoric refuges,

The mill museum: restored mills in the valley: In the mill museum the visitors can experience how our forefathers have used waterpower. Apart from 2 traditional flour mills there are also a forge, a saw and a so called „Schiaßermühl“ on display. The „Schiaßermühl“ was used to create marbles from two or three colored sandstone. Guided hikes to visit the mills are available regularly during summer. Special tours can be booked upon request starting from at least 5 people.

The pilgrimage destination Maria Weißenstein: Located in the midst of meadows and forests Maria Weißenstein is the most important pilgrimage site in South Tyrol. The place gained its status as a pilgrimage site in the year 1553, when the Virgin Mary appeared to Leonhard Weißensteiner and cured him from his illness. She requested he build a chapel in order to thank her for her aid and to allow other believers to call to her aid. The original chapel was soon overcrowded with pilgrims and the need to construct a bigger church arose.

Mythology: The „Gevatterstein“ (godfatherstone) above Camol and the „Hexenstein“ (witchstone): The Gevatterstein is a mythical place. Legend has it that the farmer Ebner pressed the farmer Steinhauser against a large stone in drunken rage. The imprints can be seen in the stone to this day. On the path to the Göllersee one passes another large rock on a sloped hill. This stone is called the „Hexenstein“ and spooky things happened and maybe still happen there during Walpurgis Night.

The village Radein: The village Radein is located on the opposite side of the Bletterbach canyon and consists of many farm settlements distributed across a mountain crest. The church “Hl. Wolfgang“ located on a small hill is a very picturesque sight. Sights worth seeing: St. Wolfgang church (1309), Geological Museum about the Bletterbach.

Christmas markets in South Tyrol: The traditional Christmas markets in Bozen, Meran, Trient, Brixen, Bruneck and Sterzing draw many visitors from north and south every year. The beautiful markets enchant their visitors with their unique Christmassy atmosphere and an unforgettable shopping experience. For those who want to stay away from the crowds there is also an increasing number of Christmas markets in smaller villages, ask us for more information.


General tips



Experience fine cuisine

Apart from the traditional Tyrolean cuisine with Italian influences, there are also some local specialties like “Aldeiner Mohnkrapfen“, „Strauben“ or „Aldeiner Kloazenschlutzer“ you may want to try at one of the local restaurants listed here:


Pizzeria Waldrast- Mitterstrich-Tel. 0471 886815, Gasthof zur Krone – Village center Aldein, Gasthof Ebner/Pfiffikus – Village center Aldein –, Gasthof Schönblick – Wildeich –,

Restaurant Ploner – Aldein, Dachselweg – Tel. 0471 886556, Gasthof Pigleiderhof – Wildeich – Tel. 0471 886812, Gasthof Roter Adler – Oberradein – Tel. 0471 887227, Gasthaus Nigglhof – Oberradein – Tel. 0471 887165

Alm Restaurants:

Schmiederalm – Lerch –, Lahneralm – Lerch –, Gurndinalm – Jochgrimm –, Auerlegeralm – Jochgrimm – Tel. 339 8889293, Neuhüttalm – Tel. 333 1584033


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