Südtirol Balance

Südtirol Balance – A break in South Tyrol

You need a break every now and again so you can rest and recharge ready for everyday life. Südtirol
Balance makes this break a reality. Experts help you slow down and relax at special retreats on your
mini break. On breaks at rejuvenating spots in the natural landscape of South Tyrol, participants will
learn to re-focus on what is essential, to ground themselves and to enjoy the moment with mindfulness.


Few places in the summer -20%

Appartment Aldein 2 max 6 Person from 27.07-29.07August:

AppartmentGrannys House max 12 Person from 04.08-07.08
Appartment Weisshorn max 4 Person from 20.08-23.08 

You can decideyour holiday dates and want to do lo cost vacation in the high season? Then use our remaining seats !!! * -20%

Family Albert Matzneller - Rasterhof

Mitterstrich n. 2 | I-39040 Aldein | South Tyrol - Italy
T +39 333 3657429 |

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