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Spring in Aldein

Enjoy the spring air with ease at our place!

In lower areas, blooming trees and grass often trigger runny noses and watery eyes. But here, you can still breathe the fresh spring air without worries.

Spring Awakening at Rasterhof

Welcome to May! Spring kicks off with a fresh burst of energy here.

As the snow melts and the first warm days arrive, we clear away the remnants of winter. Gathering leaves and plant remnants from last year, we prepare our garden. Finally, it's family time spent outdoors.

Our animals relish their freedom now too. Starting in April, weather permitting, our cows return to grazing. Initially, they graze near the farm; by mid-June, they move to our alpine pastures.

In spring, we pay close attention to our alpine pastures: collecting branches and tackling weeds.

It's also the prime time to secure the future of our forests. Every year, we plant new young trees in our woods. You're warmly invited to join this adventure! And if there's extra time, we'll wrap up the final woodcutting tasks.

May and June: Let's plant a tree together (advance booking required).









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