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Apartment in 1st floor with morning and evening sun, panoramic views of our Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn mountains and our beautiful village hill

1 pet allowed on request with an additional charge

We also ask our furry friends to follow a few rules.

  • Our beds, upholstered furniture and our textiles as well as our dishes in the apartments are reserved for our human guests. If you need a blanket or bowl for your animal friend, please ask.

  • Please never leave your animal alone on the farm or in the apartment. Remember that this is not his home and he will not feel comfortable alone like he does at home.

  • We ask that you dispose of the collected dog waste, well packaged, directly in the residual waste bin. Our and our neighbors' meadows are used for food production, so dog feces are not acceptable there.

  • If damage occurs to our apartments, furniture or textiles, you must be held liable.

Size:          47 m² design:   2-4 (max5) people

Rooms:         Kitchen-living room with kitchenette, dining area and TV, 2 bedrooms with double bed, bathroom with toilet, shower and sink, own terrace and west-facing balcony 

Online booking


morning sun

for 2 to 4 people

Fin eg.jpg

Vacation with grandma

for 6 to 12 people


Evening sun

for 2 to 4 people

Omas Garten.jpg

Grandma's garden

for 3 to 4 people



for 2 to 4 people



for 4 to 6 people

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