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our farm shop ~ beef

We slaughter every 2 months and sell our meat products by pre-order. The next slaughter date is 

May 2024

In our self-service farm shop, our guests can find jams, juices, eggs, bacon, sausage products, our meat and vegetables depending on the season.

Our products:


  • 5 kg mixed package Portion sizes ~600 g: steak, roast,
    Schnitzel,  Minced meat,  goulash,  soup ribs;                 17.00 €/kg


  • 10 kg mixed package  Portion sizes ~1000 g: steak,  roast,
    Minced meat, goulash, soup ribs;                    17.00 €/kg

  • 5 kg mixed package without ribs Portion sizes ~600 g:
    Steak,  roast,  schnitzel,  minced meat,  goulash;                20.00 €/kg

  • 10 kg mixed package without ribs Portion sizes ~1000 g:
    Steak,  roast, schnitzel, minced meat, goulash;                   20.00 €/kg 

  • 4kg premium package Portion sizes ~600 g:  Steak, fillet,
    Schnitzel, minced meat,  goulash;                                         25.00 €/kg


  • 10 kg family package Portion sizes ~1000 g: Roast meat,
    Schnitzel, minced meat, goulash, soup ribs;                    14.00 €/kg


meat exceptoutside the packages:

  • Leg discs(Ossobucho) St.                                          10.00 €/kg

  • liver                                                                                8.00 €/kg

  • Beef cheeks St.                                                            20.00 €/kg

  • spleen                                                                                  8.00 €/kg

  • Tongue St.                                                                        10.00 €/kg

  • Belly bacon  from our own domestic pig                            15.00 €/kg

  • Leg and shoulder fatfrom our own domestic pig         28.00 €/kg


  • minced meat 600 g                                                           14.00 €/kg

  • minced meat 1000g 

  • goulash 600 g                                                                14.00 €/kg

  • Goulash 1000g 

  • roast meat 600 g                                                                  23.00 €/kg

  • Roast 1000g 

  • Schnitzel 600 g                                                              26.00 €/kg

  • Steak (St)                                                               40.00 €/kg

  • Filet                                                                                55.00 €/kg

Fleisch bestellen

Since 2012 we have given up dairy farming and switched to raising Angus suckler cows.
We keep our animals in natural suckler cow conditions and feed them exclusively with basic feed from our own farm and a grain mixture. Our animals graze from May to November on our meadows, our own alpine pastures and the community's own Schönrastalm near the Bletterbach.

You can now buy regional, naturally raised Angus meat from us:
Order You directly here or on Tel 333 3657429

  • Age of the animals: Our naturally raised Angus cattle, primarily oxen, are slaughtered at approximately the age of 18 to 36 months.

  • Slaughter: Slaughter takes place in one of the surrounding EU-compliant slaughterhouses in Deutschnofen, Bozen or Cavalese.

  • Meat maturation: To ensure that the meat is of good quality and as tender as possible, it is left to mature in our cold room for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Cutting: We cut the animals for the meat packages ourselves in our newly built cutting room on the farm.

  • Packaging: You will receive your package portioned and vacuum packed ready for freezing. The goulash and schnitzel are already cut.

  • Collection/Delivery: If you cannot collect the meat, we will deliver it. The time and meeting point will be announced a few days before handover. A mileage fee of €0.30 will be charged for delivery. We deliver within a maximum radius of 50 km. The packages are always delivered on Friday afternoon and all day on Saturday.

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